Jan 12, 2010

Temple Attendance and Acne

I hope that most of you have noticed that my acne is diminishing! I am thrilled that the new medication is working, and my confidence has improved so much! But good things can turn for the worse, if we let them.
Here's a little story about a lesson I learned recently.
The facts..... My face, no acne.....because I had been washing regularly with a powerful cleanser, morning and night.
The test...... my body, sooo tired.....because for the past two nights, kids have been getting up in the middle of the night, being sick with the flu. I thought I could just go to bed without washing. This occurred for 2 nights in a row. I wasn't worried, my face still looked great.
The lesson.....My acne, is still there. Without the constant nourishment from the soap, it came creeping back. It only took 2 days, but by the 3rd, I had 3 zits!
The GREATER lesson.
Washing my face is just like temple attendance, scripture study, prayer, and family home evening. When we do them, we feel wonderful, our families our happy, kids get along.
Peace is felt in abundance.
Then, we get tired, we let the world get in the way, we get busy, and we don't do the things we are supposed to do.
At first, we feel we are fine. Every one is still happy, we still feel love and we are getting along, most of the time!
Then, it happens. You are angry! You are screaming....all the time. You are depressed. You have sadness in the heart, and home.
You kneel to pray, and you know why this has happened. The best tools for happiness are those 4 things.....
When you do them you are happy! Everyone is happy.
Just like my acne, if we think all is well, we will be fooled. Our families will suffer, we will hurt. The best prevention of those miseries is to be PROACTIVE in our FAITH! Don't wait until you are in pain! Do what is right, keep it up....the Lord will bless you!
Happiness and Peace will prevail!

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Brad. Lindsay. Logan. Jules. said...

Good comparison. Way to create the connection. And my I have noticed your face does look great.