May 15, 2011

Soccer CRAZY Week!

So, I thought I would post this on my blog, to share with you all how CRAZY I really must be!

ok....Here is the crazy run down...

Thursday May 19th

  1.  2pm @ Centennial Gymnasium, 4th and 5th Grade Program
  2. 5:30pm @ Skyview Park, Lilli Scrimage
  3. 6pm @ Liberty Park, Field U10-2, Maggie Game
Saturday May 21st
  1. 11am @ Liberty Park, Field U6-1, Emily Game
  2. 11:45am @ Optimist Fields, Field 4, Lilli Game
  3. 12 noon @ Liberty Park, Field U10-2, Maggie Game
  4. 3pm @ Liberty Park, Field U6-2, Emily Game
  5. 6pm @ Optimist Fields, Field 3, Lilli Game
So, it is going to be a busy 2 least I get a breather on Friday!
If you want to come to any of these game, let me know. I will probably NOT be attending Lilli's 1st game of the Tournament on Saturday, due to Emily and Maggie's games... so I would like support in that. I am hoping Karl and Janet will go, and take her.....

These are the last games of the season! PHEW! It has been a blast, but very, very busy!
Next fall, I am going to have 4 in soccer, and HOPEFULLY 2 of those 4 will be in Nampa Select!
Thank you all so, so, so much for all the help and support you have given Joe and I this soccer season! It means the world to us! We love you!!!