Feb 12, 2010


I have been under a lot of stress this last couple of days.
I HATE stress.
It gives me pimples!!!!!
Since I have been off my Zoloft, this is the 1st time I have experienced stress beyond my capability to handle.
I have been praying a lot! Sometimes 5 times a day for strength, guidance, and above all to keep my cool with my children.
The Lord hears and answers my prayers each time.
What a blessing, to place a call to God, and recieve you medication instantly!
Peace fills my heart and I can actually hug my child who is screaming at an octave that makes my ear drums want to burst!
What a gracious, merciful Heavenly Father we have!
No matter how big the stress is, He is there! Waiting to answer our call for help!

Feb 3, 2010

Child Quote of the Day

Featured child~ Katie

Katie~Momma, I wanna call someone!
Mom~ Who do you want to call?
Katie~ I call MY Dad.
Mom~Ok, you want to call your dad?
Katie~ NO! I call MY Daddy!
Mom~ Ok, we'll call your Daddy!
Katie~ NO!!! I call MY Daddy, you know, at work!
Mom~ Oh, ok, Kate. You want to call Daddy at work.
Katie~ Yes!!!!!!

Emily's Prayer

Tonight, it was Emily's turn to say Family Prayer.
This is what she asked for.....

"Please bless that the LAST DAY will come."


She had said something similar to this at dinner tonight.

She said...."On the Last Day, we are going to die."

Now, I don't know if she was taught this in church, or something similar to this, and is getting her 4 year old head wrapped around the 2nd coming, but it was very honest, and sincere!

She also told Katie that Jesus was going to come down from Heaven and be with us!

Katie was thrilled at this idea, "My Jesus!!!! He come to MY house?"

Oh, how I love to hear them talk about things close to the spirit.

While at my sisters house last weekend, I saw a saying about Christ that I REALLY liked, but can't remember now..... but it something to the effect of,

Christ is a guest at every meal,

A listener to every conversation!

He is smiling at my children, I know!!!

We need to listen to them, and follow their example.

We should be praying for that LAST DAY!

I am so grateful that I learn sweet lessons from the spirits God has entrusted to me!