Mar 17, 2010


I have come to the conclusion that I am a BIG "pet-peever".
I reached this conclusion the other night while awaiting some friends for our monthly GNO.
They were late, and I was bored. So I sat down and started a list.
Here's what I came up with, I'm sure there are more.... but here is a start.
  1. tardiness
  2. clutter
  3. chewing loudly at meals.... my kids do this on purpose because they know it bugs me.
  4. indecisiveness - even in myself
  5. backward toilet paper. It should always be pulled from the top.
  6. non-use of the turning lane when there is traffic
  7. cell phones and driving
  8. stinky smells
  9. chairs that are not pushed in after use
  10. wrinkles in my bedding after it has been made
  11. throw pillows that are not organized
  12. when my towels get folded the wrong way
  13. when my dishwasher gets loaded the wrong way
  14. downer - type people
  15. tangled necklaces
  16. toilet lids up
  17. un-flushed toilets
  18. people who don't wash their hands in public restrooms
  19. little girls (Lilli) who flick their retainers
  20. finding gum on the floor

That's it for now!

My pet-peeves made me realize why I have a hard time letting people do stuff for me.

If it isn't done my way, it isn't the right way! Sick, right?

Mar 15, 2010

Child Quote of the Day



That means that nothing is shrunking!

Thank you Emily for giving us an explanation of your made-up word!

Mar 6, 2010


A few days ago, I was walking Maggie to the bus.
I usually don't walk the kids to the bus because they have each other. This year, however, Lilli is in choir. I get the opportunity to take her to school early once a week, which means Maggie is forced to walk to the bus alone! Yeah right, I would be worrying for hours if I didn't see her get on the bus. Hence, I was walking Maggie to the bus.....
After I kissed her good-bye, and she got on the bus, I was walking slowly home. ( I should mention the younger two were still at home sleeping)(Also, the bus stops on a main road)
Okay, back to the story.....
As I was walking slowly home, facing traffic, a car came up on me from behind, sort of weirdly. It slowed down as it got closer to me, but it kept going, and the male driver kept looking in his rear view mirror as he passed.
I heard a loud, forcefully yell in my head......RUN!!! NOW!!!
As I started to run, I saw the car turn down the next street, as though it was going to come up my street, to be off the main road and easier to pull right up to me.
I didn't give myself a chance to find out what was really going to be the outcome. I RAN as fast as could, faster than I have in a LONG time....all the way home, into my house, and locked the door behind me.
I went to the living room and fell to my knees.
In tears I thanked the Lord for the Holy Ghost! I am so thankful that I have this wonderful gift!
And I am so Thankful that my daughters will all be blessed with this wonderful gift in this terrible, and only getting worst world!
How blessed are we all that we belong to The Church of Jesus christ of Letter Day Saints!