Jan 29, 2010

The idea of Ownership

The other night, I was helping Katie say her prayers.
A ritual that is performed every night as she gets ready to relax.
Well, on this particular night, as we were wrapping up her prayer....

Me,"In the name..."
Katie,"In the name...."
Me, "of Jesus Christ...."
Katie, "That MY Jesus?"
Me, "Yes, of Jesus Christ...."
Katie, "OHHHHH, I Love MY Jesus, HE help me..."
Me, "Yes, Kate, say....of Jesus Christ, Amen....!"
Katie, "Ok, Momma, Jesus Christ, Amen"

What a sweet spirit was felt, I tried not to cry....but I drink these moments in!
The warmth and power of Christ's Love can not be denied when a child testifies of Him!

I Testify of Him as well!
He lives, and he Loves us ALL.
He knows all of us, even by name. He knows are sorrows!
He wants to fill our hearts with His love and peace....
Seek and ye shall find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you!

Thank you, Katie-Bug!

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Larry said...

Cute post, Lace!