Jul 23, 2010

House Concert

Sarah Sample
So, Lindsay, my little sister, majored in Music Therapy at Utah State.
There she met this AMAZING woman, Sarah Sample!
She is a brilliant artist, and you all need to listen to her!
Joe described her sound as a Jewel meets KT Tunstall. I think he hit it on the head.
Brad, Lindsay's hubby set up this house concert to surprise Linds.
It did! She had NO idea, and the look on her face was priceless!
Sarah does these, house concerts, regularly, and it was awesome!
I already loved her! Lindsay let me borrow a CD about a year ago. But now I really love her!
I love the way her voice rolls, and it sends me flying and feeling her every word!
I have never cried as much at a concert as I did tonight! Her music moves the soul, and makes you think, and feel! She made me want to come home a write.
Man, I had such a great time!!
Can't wait to go to the next one! I am totally going to become a goupy!
Brad's mom want to have one at her house, and I am going to envite all my friends, so you all better come with me!
Best $20 I have spent in a long long time!
Thanks, Brad!

Jul 13, 2010

good-bye FaceBook

This is not the 1st time that I have turned off my FB account.
It is the 1st time however, that I am having serious FB withdrawls!
FB is soooooo addicting! I was on that dang website over 2 hours a day!
That is 14 hours or more a week, waisted!
56 hours a month!!!
I have been partaking of FB since December....so I have waisted 420 precious hours!

I decided I need to clean my house. I need to pay attention to my kids. Take them to the park and the pool while I still can. I need to feed my kids dinner, not last minute fast food.

I need to re-discover my Heavenly Father. My scriptures need to be dusted off and read!

FB was never a friend! It was a love/hate relationship from the beginning! I loved reading about my friends, giving them advice, letting know I was there. Then it turned into, a ME thing...
Look at MY new hair, tell ME what you think of ME! Comment on MY status!

Slowly my depression crept in, I let it! It meant I would play more FB. I didn't want to do anything else!

I will be a happier, healthier ME now that IT is gone! But I am sad right now! I know alot of my FB "Friends" won't even notice that I am gone. I don't expect them to care. FB is a sort of virtual world. You can be friends with anyone, and they care about you as long as you post it on your FB page.

I will miss the midnight IMing with Kim, and the Family Feud game....Kim's fault! I will miss all the Fast Money's won, thanks to Joe and Sarah! I love you! I will miss Terrell Moffett's beautiful landscape portrait updates, and commenting on them! I will miss flirting with my husband for the whole FB world to see. I love telling how much I love him!

I will miss FB! But I won't miss neglecting my children. I won't miss the fights I got into because people can't read sarcasm. I won't miss "friends" flirting with my husband at 2am!
I won't miss the drama! I won't miss, or wish I had waisted my precious time on something so trivial and worldly!

And, as a bonus.... now I will actually post on my blogs....my journals so to speak! There is a window of opportuntiy here...I will open it!