Jan 1, 2012


I know I my last post said a little about not offending anyone.
Well... I offended...and I think I meant to.
Let me explain.

I am a very opinionated girl. And, I used to take those opinions and bury them. I would bury them sooo deep, that I would stress and worry and cry and scream...all behind the curtain. Well, not any more. This year...starting now, I am no longer going to stand by and let people hurt me. I am who I am, dang-it. god gave me a big mouth. And I am going to use it.

I am trying to be like Jesus, I am. And, for the most part, when I do go a bit too far, it's because I feel the need to. I feel it in my bones. I want to help. I want to make people better, and, that desire to help, can get me into trouble. It is true... a lass, not every one appreciates the truth. But, here it is people....I am not going to stand by and have my family or myself mistreated...and I will tell you straight up when I think you are! Got it! 

I am no longer going to sit by and be the "stupid" sister....and if I feel like I am....I will let you have it. I will no longer sit by and let others be bad influences on my kids...and if you are...you better believe I will "Mother" you. Because, if you are being a bad influence, you're mother must not have taught you better!

Starting today...my New Years Resolution...being truthful...whether I give offense or not. I am not going to sit back and bite my tongue. I will be rude, I will be shunned, and I will be happier! Because at least you will know what I am already saying in my mind and heart. And I will be being truthful to myself. And I want my children to know, that it is better to be truthful, even if it is hurtful, than to sit back and cross your fingers that people will get the hints. 

I am WOMAN....hear me ROAR!