Feb 25, 2011


Embrace me one more time, sweet Mother.
Fill my soul with your radiant light.
Warm my weak body with your gentle arm.
Re-assure me that you'll be alright.
Embrace me one last time, dear Mother.
and dry your sweet, tender cheek.
I came to be held by your soft, loving arms.
And, once again your embrace, I will seek.

For my sweet sister, and her sweet baby, Grace.


White, drifting snow, snakes across the road before me.
Taunting, hissing....I am blocking you from your destiny .
They try my mind. Should I turn back?
No, I have come too far.
I  press forward with determination.
The drifts dissipate before my coming.
They fear me
I am driving on!

Feb 16, 2011

oops, I did it again......

Hello every one, this is The Cabela's Meat Slicer..... I was cleaning this awesome piece of machinery, and I might add...talking to my little sister... I  am not good at talking and doing anything else at the same time. Well, I wasn't paying attention....who me? And well, I got too close to the VERY sharp blade...which I later found out from my husband is supposed to be removed when cleaning.... and.....yikes! Sliced my finger!

I immediately knew it was bad... I felt the sharp blade slice through my nail and into my finger in a split second, like a hot knife through butter... I grabbed my finger, and applied pressure. Thanks to my awesome sister, I didn't go into shock, though I was shaking and crying...mostly because of how dumb I felt!!!!

Lindsay laid me down, elevated my feet, gave me a blanky, and put ice on my wrapped wound! After I unwrapped my wound that night to evaluate the injury, I was surprised to see it had already re-sealed itself... the main injury was the fingernail, to which Dr.s would be able to do nothing but remove...

so, here is my ouchy... two days after impact, fingernail turning black, probably going to fall off, and, me....happy as a clam that I didn't have to go get stitches! When am I ever going to learn....sharp objects and my hands do not go together....there should be an alarm that goes off whenever I get near one! Some one should invent that!

Feb 8, 2011

I know, I know....

I guess I have a hard time keeping to my goals, this posting a picture a day thing gets old after a while. But, here is great shot of Katie that I thought you might enjoy!

She acts like her momma, more often then not....
Don't you just LOVE the orange tongue....from her favorite dink....Tang!