Jan 8, 2010

How to Clean a Fridge!

  1. Take Britta Pitcher out of Fridge
  2. Re-Fill Britta Pitcher
  3. Place Britta Pitcher carelessly back into Fridge
  4. Watch Britta Pitcher spill ALL over EVERYWHERE!!!!
  5. Pitch a little, or a big, hissy fit (depends largely on what level of DRAMATIC one is)
  6. Proceed to wipe up the spilled water with several towels (Wailing and Gnashing of teeth are allowed)
  7. Before SLAMMING the door, STOP, LOOK!!!!

Voila!!! A sparking clean refrigerator, unplanned, but TOTALLY necessary!

I love it when life throws the much needed curve balls!

1 comment:

Carlie said...

ha ha ha! Sounds good to me! Just dowse it all with water and clean up the water... who said we needed to wash with soap? WAy to go!