Jan 19, 2010

DON"T Follow MY Example

Saturday night, January 2nd.
I sat at the sewing machine, trying to finish the jumper I made for Maggie for Christmas.
As I went to pull some thread for more lead, I leaned forward.
Well, my foot was resting on the power pedal, and I leaned a bit too much,
and pressed the pedal.
My finger was too close to the needle. And as a result.... was punctured!
Joe was coming up the stairs at the time that it occurred. I didn't want him to know that I had injured myself, yet again! I quickly went to remove my finger from needle, thinking it was just my finger nail that was caught. There was no pain, only shock! As I went to reverse the needle, I felt a tug, it was my finger that was stuck, not just my nail.
I told Joe, "Don't come in here!" He hates needles....and blood, though I didn't see any blood, I was sure that there would be some.
He came in my sewing room, to find me, crying, attached to the sewing machine!
He had to be the big man, and reverse the needle. I had to hold my attached hand down with my free hand, to keep it from moving with the needle!
I screamed, and cursed, but it was out in 1 second, and I ran to the sink to clean it!
The weird thing was, it only bled a few drops, it didn't even need a band-aid.
The lesson learned.... don't sew at 11pm! Tired equals accident!

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Larry said...

That's hilarious! I can only imagine Joe squirming as he has to help you extract the needle!