Jan 27, 2011

Not a Picture- A Poem

Prepare Me

The time is getting closer.
The Lord is preparing me...
For something big, just out of my sight.
So I'll have to wait and see.
My heart is lost in this battle from within.
I don't know which way to turn.
Why must I feel so passive and tame?
What is the lesson to learn?
Am I being prepared to handle a loss?
Is the load going to be heavy to bare?
Is acceptance going to be hard to let in?
If so Lord...then help me prepare!
Prepare me with strength and courage as well.
Help me understand your ways.
Prepare me with faith and trust in Your love.
And guide me through all of my days.
Prepare me, oh Lord, so in turn I can help
Others accept and feel love.
And bless me with patience as I journey through life...
Till we all meet again up above.



Tama said...

Did you write this poem? I love it and it reminds me of the time before Kallie was born when I felt a sense of urgency to have everything in perfect order. I later knew that it was the Lord's way of preparing me and my household for the difficult times following her birth. Lovely poem. I'm so glad we're friends!

Lacey Green said...

Yep, I wrote it.