Jan 7, 2011

365 Days of pictures!

So, my friend Kristin got challenged to post a picture everyday for a year.
It thought that would be fun and cool, and right up my alley...
so, even though I was not directly challenged, I am going to pretend I was!
Here is my 1st picture's of the year....let's all pretend I got this awesome idea before 2011, so... this picture is actually my 7th picture....wink wink!!!!

My little sister gave these awesome Tinkerbell shoes to Katie yesterday.
On the way home from Lindsay's house, Katie asks me if we have a Tinkerbell dress.
I reply, "Yes, Katie.... we have Tinkerbell dress. It is in the dress-ups.
"Really, Mommy!!!! I didn't know that!"
I don't think that girl has ever worn this Tinkerbell dress.... but now that she has the shoes... it's a whole other story!

She played in this outfit for hours...
She kept looking in the mirror...she knew she looked good!

Sometimes, the outfit really is "all about the shoes"!

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