Jul 13, 2010

good-bye FaceBook

This is not the 1st time that I have turned off my FB account.
It is the 1st time however, that I am having serious FB withdrawls!
FB is soooooo addicting! I was on that dang website over 2 hours a day!
That is 14 hours or more a week, waisted!
56 hours a month!!!
I have been partaking of FB since December....so I have waisted 420 precious hours!

I decided I need to clean my house. I need to pay attention to my kids. Take them to the park and the pool while I still can. I need to feed my kids dinner, not last minute fast food.

I need to re-discover my Heavenly Father. My scriptures need to be dusted off and read!

FB was never a friend! It was a love/hate relationship from the beginning! I loved reading about my friends, giving them advice, letting know I was there. Then it turned into, a ME thing...
Look at MY new hair, tell ME what you think of ME! Comment on MY status!

Slowly my depression crept in, I let it! It meant I would play more FB. I didn't want to do anything else!

I will be a happier, healthier ME now that IT is gone! But I am sad right now! I know alot of my FB "Friends" won't even notice that I am gone. I don't expect them to care. FB is a sort of virtual world. You can be friends with anyone, and they care about you as long as you post it on your FB page.

I will miss the midnight IMing with Kim, and the Family Feud game....Kim's fault! I will miss all the Fast Money's won, thanks to Joe and Sarah! I love you! I will miss Terrell Moffett's beautiful landscape portrait updates, and commenting on them! I will miss flirting with my husband for the whole FB world to see. I love telling how much I love him!

I will miss FB! But I won't miss neglecting my children. I won't miss the fights I got into because people can't read sarcasm. I won't miss "friends" flirting with my husband at 2am!
I won't miss the drama! I won't miss, or wish I had waisted my precious time on something so trivial and worldly!

And, as a bonus.... now I will actually post on my blogs....my journals so to speak! There is a window of opportuntiy here...I will open it!


Joe Green said...

Dang I forgot about the flirting... guess I'll have to find another way to get your attention... Rec Center Weight Room here I come!!

Love you darling...

Anonymous said...

Fb is very addicting lol...you will be missed.