Apr 29, 2010

Oh, Emily... you keep my life exciting!

The other day, Emily and Katie and I walked down to our local corner store, for a treat!
While we were checking out, Emily was dancing around, being crazy, like is always does.
Well, she tripped on her own two feet, like she always does... and fell into a little display.
She was NOT happy about it. I calming asked her if she was okay, to be polite! I didn't want the clerk to think I was a bad mom, but I knew she was fine, she was playing it up, you know, like Emily does so well!
She replied, very strongly, "NO! I think I BROKE........ my heart!"
Soooo cute, and sweet, and funny!

Then, that very same day, at dinner..... Katie spilled her ICE water!
Emily was right in the path of the splash.
Then she proceeded to run down stairs as fast as she could for clean pants.
This was not a typical Emily answer. We were expecting a fit. So, this made us laugh.
Oh, my little girl is growing up! But, I'm glad we are continuing to have the Emilisms!

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