Mar 17, 2010


I have come to the conclusion that I am a BIG "pet-peever".
I reached this conclusion the other night while awaiting some friends for our monthly GNO.
They were late, and I was bored. So I sat down and started a list.
Here's what I came up with, I'm sure there are more.... but here is a start.
  1. tardiness
  2. clutter
  3. chewing loudly at meals.... my kids do this on purpose because they know it bugs me.
  4. indecisiveness - even in myself
  5. backward toilet paper. It should always be pulled from the top.
  6. non-use of the turning lane when there is traffic
  7. cell phones and driving
  8. stinky smells
  9. chairs that are not pushed in after use
  10. wrinkles in my bedding after it has been made
  11. throw pillows that are not organized
  12. when my towels get folded the wrong way
  13. when my dishwasher gets loaded the wrong way
  14. downer - type people
  15. tangled necklaces
  16. toilet lids up
  17. un-flushed toilets
  18. people who don't wash their hands in public restrooms
  19. little girls (Lilli) who flick their retainers
  20. finding gum on the floor

That's it for now!

My pet-peeves made me realize why I have a hard time letting people do stuff for me.

If it isn't done my way, it isn't the right way! Sick, right?


Sarah Tate said...

Geez I didn't know me being an hour and half late could provoke all these thoughts:-) in my defense it was only a 4th my fault:-) I am a pet peever too. My main ones are the house and organization stuff. Having my mom and brothers here bring up new ones though like when I buy stuff specifically for a dinner and they eat it and I don't know until I am cooking dinner grrrr!!!! My #1 is parking at the gym and these single people with no kids that park in the main parking lot when there are moms like myself and the one next to me in the 3rd overflow parking lot 3 blocks away. Who have diaper bags, kids, car seats etc. Even worse are the Boise high kids who park there. Ok I am done maybe I should get a blog too so I can vent. Love you.

Joe Green said...

Oh come on, really the toilet seat up? If I left it down, your peeve would be a wet toilet seat... love you darling...

Lindy Lue said...

dont listen she meant it!!!