Jul 22, 2011

My Forehead stamp

So, a few days ago, I was heading out of the house right at the same time that the mailman was delivering the mail. I had 3 of my kids with me, cause Maggie was at work with Joe. I had the mailman give Lilli the mail because I had my hands full. He teased her about it...making her jump for it. i could tell he must have a kid her age.

A few days past...this time, we were pulling into the drive right as the mailman was delivering the mail. We had the radio pumping, blaring, because Katie was in the back seat screaming, "No one sing!"

We got out of the car laughing, and the mailman stared chatting with me. He was all..."So you have 4 girls? I do too! I understand the whole loud music thing." We giggled, and talked about how Katie was being bossy...he guessed that she was 4, cause his youngest is almost 5.

Then...he started over sharing... this is where the title of the post comes into play. Do I have a stamp on my forehead that states it's ok to over share with me? Because he thought he saw one!

He tells me about how he hasn't seen his daughters since Christmas...I say how sad that is. He says his wife went crazy, and left him...blames it on 2 things...the internet and the fact that they stopped going to church about 6 years ago. He tells me they used to belong to the LDS faith. I tell him I am LDS...and thus the 10 minute conversation about his crappy life becomes a missionary experience!

I wasn't praying for one. I don't go around being a missionary...but the Lord has a hand in all things. I explained to him that the church does provide peace, and strength does happen to families and marriages when we are living the gospel to it's fullest.

He said he has started going back to church, but that his wife, whom he is separated from, and his daughters aren't attending with him. I encouraged him to keep attending and to council with his bishop. More was shared, and I saw and heard myself taking pity for his lot, and encouraging him to press forward, and to keep trying, for his daughters sake if for no other.

I hope what I said touched him, or made him think. I hope he can bring his family back together, and find peace again. Marriage is worth keeping, it's worth fixing...no matter how "far" things have gone.  And, ANY marriage can be saved if both people want it to be. Forgiveness is real! Forgive, always...no matter what!

I am grateful I am living my life, everyday, ready for these "over shares". It strengthened my personal testimony. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is the only church on the face of this Earth that has the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that by living the Gospel to it's fullness lives are healed, made happy... that souls are made strong, and confidant! I know who I am. I know God's plan for me and for my family. I know that without the Gospel I would feel lost, afraid, and alone.

And, btw...the reason why this man left the church, was because of some members of his ward...he was offended. This answer makes me so mad! Please, let us all love ALL people! Offend not one! Not even ONE! It may be the one that leaves the fold.


Nay Family said...

Love love love the randomness of some people.
Great post Lacey!

Joe Green said...

Well he wouldn't have overshared if I had been home... Just something about you makes men want to talk to you... Sheesh!

casa chandler said...

I know it was quite a while since you posted this, but thank you. It was great to read! You have such a beautiful testimony, Lacey.
So sad he fell away b/c he was offended. You are right, we need to try so hard not to offend others but we also need to not be easily offended ourselves which brings us back to forgiveness.
Thanks for the post! Miss you!