Sep 14, 2010

Hives, HIVES! Everywhere...

But not a single BEE!!!

Ok... these pictures don't do it justice... but here ya go!
These were yesterday morning...Monday.

right chin....
Left Chin...
yesterday morning, after a bath.... not even a teeny bit better!

right arm...

left arm.

Today...Tuesday, WORSE!!!!
(I was wearing a swimming suit...Maggie took the picture)

Back Thigh! UGH!!!!

Funny thing about this shot...I asked Maggie to take a picture of the back of my legs,
and she said..."Why? They aren't THAT bad! OH MY GOODNESS!!!
I changed my mind... they ARE BAD!"

Even my poor ear lobe and my scalp have them...even my fingers and knuckles.
I am going to go get some "knock me on my butt" allergy meds today!
Hopefully that will make my tomorrow a better day!


Carlie said...

that is really gross- poor you! hope they are going away.

Jammie said...

OMG! you are so right, I don't feel so bad about my allergic reactions now... my rash didn't hold a candle to all of this! You poor thing!!! How are your toes doing?

Anonymous said...

I have the same thing all over. Very itchy. What did you find out.